Configuration Mania

Configuration Mania 1.10.2009111101

Unveil hidden configuration settings in Firefox


  • Many new tweaks
  • Settings are classified into categories


  • Interface needs improvement


The Firefox browser has got a very complete configuration menu with which you can adapt the browser's appearance and behavior to your liking.

But if this settings menu is still too simple for you, try the Configuration Mania extension for Firefox and you'll gain access to a few dozen hidden settings that are not available on the standard Firefox configuration window.

The tweaking options in Configuration Mania are classified into several categories (namely Browser, Security, HTTP network, UI and Defrag) and can be expanded in a convenient tree-like structure from where to access subcategories.

The extension is fairly easy to use, but its design could have been improved a bit: the top toolbar features a white space that clearly misses icons, and browsing subcategories often involves a lot of scrolling.

Configuration Mania is the perfect Firefox extension for those users who like to be in control of every single detail of their favorite browser.

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  • Changed extension ID

Configuration Mania is a Firefox extension that adds a new option to the Tools menu, from which you can open an extra Configuration window and tweak hidden settings that can't be accessed through the standard window.

Configuration Mania


Configuration Mania 1.10.2009111101

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